Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SCS::ASIOConnectorImplementation of the NetworkConnector for CAN Aerospace messages using the UDPSender and UDPReceiver classes for asynchronous communication
SCS::BusConnector< Packet >Interface to high-level IO provider that knows the protocol format
SCS::can_Data_tUnion combining raw CAN payload data and CAN Aerospace message
SCS::can_Id_tConvenience wrapper for CAN ID with highest bit code to tell 11/29 bit apart
SCS::can_tCAN message as transmitted over the network
SCS::CanAeroBusConnectorHandles CAN Aerospace message header and decodes node services
SCS::CanAeroDataManagerTop-level interface. You must implement this to handle service requests addressed to you and receive normal operation data
SCS::CanAeroMetadataProcessing of information contained in the CAN Aerospace header
SCS::canAS_Data_tUnion combining CAN Aerospace message data types
SCS::canAS_tStruct combining CAN Aerospace message header and message data
SCS::char44 characters holding a time or date, according to CAN Aerospace 1.7
SCS::ConnectedClientClients on the CAN bus that have identfied themselves with an IDS are stored in this format
SCS::DataReference< T >Standard implementation of DataReference
SCS::LogA stream-based logger using any LogWriter. A Log instance corresponds to ONE log entry
SCS::LogEntryEvery log message that arises from libcanaero is in this format
SCS::LogWriterThread-safe logger that can write log messages to console, file, etc.
SCS::NetworkConnector< Packet >Interface to low-level IO provider for sending data and notification of a BusConnector on reception of new data
SCS::ReceiverThe main class and entry point to the CAN Aerospace world. It manages network access and handles all protocol requirements
SCS::ScopedParallelExecutorEasy way to execute an infinite loop in a separate thread until the object goes out of scope
SCS::scs_Id_t< T, id, width >These structs hold all IDs available from SCS
SCS::TypelessDataReferenceInterface to data received from the bus
SCS::UDPReceiverReceive UDP packets from IP address and port. The receiver is multicast aware
SCS::UDPSenderSend UDP packets to given IP address and port. The sender is multicast aware