Simulator Communication System

3 Platforms, 2 Simulators, 1 Interface


SCS is now part of the CAN Aviation Alliance

SDK version 1.4 released, together with vasFMC 2.10 for X-Plane.

Developer Resources

Documentation and Specs (pdf)


HTML Documentation SDK download
libcanaero, the C++ library for CAN Aerospace.

libcanaero-shared, the ANSI C interface to the shared library for CAN Aerospace
canaero-devel: All you need for developing C and C++ applications using libcanaero. Contains headers, libs, documentation and example code.
jcanaero, the Java library for CAN Aerospace jcanaero-devel: All you need for developing Java applications using jcanaero. Contains .jars, documentation and example code.
pycanaero, the Python module for CAN Aerospace pycanaero-devel: All you need for developing Python applications using pycanaero. Contains python modules, documentation and example code.

Example Projects

SCS plugin for X-Plane

The latest version of SCS for X-Plane can be downloaded at Download.

SCS app for FS9/FSX

The latest version of SCS for FS9/FSX is considered experimental. It can be downloaded here.