Simulator Communication System

3 Platforms, 2 Simulators, 1 Interface


SCS is now part of the CAN Aviation Alliance

SDK version 1.4 released, together with vasFMC 2.10 for X-Plane.

Who we are

SCS is currently developed by two people known for their X-Plane port of the popular freeware vasFMC.

Philipp J Münzel

Philipp Muenzel Philipp Münzel is a student of applied mathematics at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. Being a flight simulation enthusiast he used a variety of simulators since FS 5. In late 2007 he encountered X-Plane and was inspired by its amazing capabilities. During 2008 he made the Linux-port of vasFMC and designed the new vasFMC backend for SCS, replacing FSUIPC.

Jörg T Hermann

Joerg Hermann Jörg followed FS from versions 4 to 2004. Changing to Mac he found his existing FS only equipment useless and started exploring the hardware connectivity of X-Plane. As a professional software developer he drafted the concept of what later became SCS. It was designed in a way that supported all simulators and operating systems from day one. As a demanding test suite for SCS he chose vasFMC, which he ported to Mac OS X.

Jörg and Philipp met at one of the famous german Stammtische.