Simulator Communication System

3 Platforms, 2 Simulators, 1 Interface


SCS is now part of the CAN Aviation Alliance

SDK version 1.4 released, together with vasFMC 2.10 for X-Plane.

One interface for all simulators

Use the same technology to access MSFS and X-Plane

Building a homecockpit? Why tie yourself to either Microsoft Flightsimulator or X-Plane, when you can use both? Why tie yourself to one operating system, when you can use all?
Simulator Communication System is the only interface that works

Taking Flight Simulation to an Industry Standard

CAN Aviation Alliance SCS is developed in the CAN Aviation Alliance, building on top of years of experience in certified flight hardware.

At the heart of Simulator Communication System is CAN Aerospace. This open standard has proven its reliability in many professional simulators worldwide. It is used by Airbus, Boeing, NASA among others and is finding its way into EAA aircraft too.

No Configuration - Just Flying

Tired of installing drivers and fiddling with configuration files? Ever observed flaky behavior after adding additional devices? Simulator Communication System relies entirely on the most robust and reliable technology available today - network. As a free extra, SCS supports any number of clients. Without configuration - a system that simply works.

Code Once - Simulator Independant

While you develop modules for Flightsimulator or X-Plane, you are tied to exactly that platform. Using SCS your code becomes simulator-agnostic. Because SCS communicates all data in a normalized way, your software will neither know nor care to which simulator it is talking.

Lightning Fast

SCS uses the latest technologies for multi-core optimization and and puts no noticeable load on your simulator.